what we do

What We Do

3x Studios designs and produces industry leading virtual reality 360 degree spherical videos and fully interactive virtual reality experiences. We specialize in the creative and technical aspects of delivering immersive, high quality and entertaining products for a number of different verticals and applications.

Who We Are

3x Studios was created by award winning former video game developers at various Activision and Sony game studios. Having worked on projects ranging from Transformers, to Guitar Hero, and Spiderman (to name a few), we know what it takes to deliver high quality and immersive experiences that appeal to millions of consumers worldwide. Aside from game development our production department offers experience and insight from the film and music industries.

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How We Work

Not all virtual reality experiences serve the same purpose or require the same tools, technology, features, or functionality. No matter the project's size or scope we're able to offer our production and design services to wide range of clients within a number of industries and especially live webcams. From 360 video production, to fully interactive VR experiences with custom functionality, micro transactions, up-sells and more, we've got you covered.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple: Provide value-driven and cutting edge VR experiences for a wide range of clients and projects across the globe. We use the latest tools, technology, processes and techniques to deliver the most impactful and streamlined content to the clients and partners we work with. In our view, virtual reality is simply a canvas which lends itself to the creative story telling process, offering limitless opportunity for immersing and entertaining millions of consumers.

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Contact us: info@3xstudios.com